The Characters

Celeste – A Rabbit
Yvette – A Cat
Based on my real life pets that were adopted from the Watauga (Celeste) and Avery (Yvette) County Humane Societies, these animal friends live in the North Carolina mountains. They spend their day doing things they enjoy and listening to me (Lisa) talk to them. I think most of the time they know what I am saying. 🙂

These two get along well and really are friends. They accept each other and can hang out together and with me very well. I’m so thankful for them!

Yvette enjoying a warm sunbeam!
Bedtime for Celeste!

It’s Almost Christmas!

What a year! We hope you are well and enjoying a peaceful end to 2021. Thank you for being with us this year, and we look forward to more stories, illustrations and interactions with you. ❤ – Lisa, Celeste & Yvette

Happy Halloween!

Hope you are all well and having fun. Goodbye October! 🙂 Hello Holiday Season!

A Relaxing Evening

Celeste and Yvette can’t believe the month of May is over half gone! They stay busy, so at the end of the day they are tired!

Spring is here!

It’s still a bit chilly at times though, best to keep your ears in until it really warms up!

Celeste’s latest dress!

In the chilly days of Winter on her little mountain, Celeste was happy to get a new, bright red dress. She wore it on Valentine’s Day! She was thrilled to add it to her closet for future dress-ups!

Book Feedback

The paperback book on Amazon is generating some good input. In addition to reviews on the actual Amazon website, people are sending me notes! Some have downloaded the e-book too. I’m so happy people are enjoying the books!


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Napping is always in order.
Mirror, mirror…
Merry Christmas Dear Friend!
I love a sunny day!