Time to get cozy!

Hello everyone! Celeste has a new little hut to get cozy in now that the weather is getting a lot cooler! She doesn’t like the bottom of the entry way, so a little remodel is underway. She’ll fix it like she wants it! 🙂

Gosh, we’ve been busy!

A note from Celeste:
Has a half a year gone since Christmas? Yes, it seems so. I’m enjoying my summer porch already and the clover is coming in and it’s been a good year so far. My human, Lisa, is doing a market in town this year. She calls it “going to Boone” and she takes a bunch of stuff she’s made – including the book she wrote about me and my bestie, Yvette – who, by the way, has gone on an extended visit to family in Avery County where she is from. (Boone is in Watauga County, that is where I am from.) Lisa is working on a book about what all is happening with me while Yvette’s away. So, more about that later I guess. Thanks for stopping in and bye for now. ❤ ~ Your friend, Celeste 🙂

Celeste’s latest dress!

In the chilly days of Winter on her little mountain, Celeste was happy to get a new, bright red dress. She wore it on Valentine’s Day! She was thrilled to add it to her closet for future dress-ups!

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