Happy New Year!

I hope yours is off to a good start. The holiday season seemed to go so fast. Christmas was quiet and cold, but it was also very nice.

Here are some photos from Celeste’s Christmas. She wants everyone to know that she enjoys dressing up and sees it as play and fun. Celeste has been with Lisa since she was 2 months old, and fun photo sessions have always been a part of their interactions. Celeste wants other bunnies to know, that if you don’t like getting dressed up, that is ok. In fact, it’s more likely that you don’t. Many bunnies often don’t even like to be held! Most rabbits love being patted on the head and petted gently.

Celeste is a super-model though and she knows it. She has full run of the house and is treated as part of the family. She enjoys her photo sessions – preferring to have music playing as she poses for the camera. 🙂

Time to get cozy!

Hello everyone! Celeste has a new little hut to get cozy in now that the weather is getting a lot cooler! She doesn’t like the bottom of the entry way, so a little remodel is underway. She’ll fix it like she wants it! 🙂

Gosh, we’ve been busy!

A note from Celeste:
Has a half a year gone since Christmas? Yes, it seems so. I’m enjoying my summer porch already and the clover is coming in and it’s been a good year so far. My human, Lisa, is doing a market in town this year. She calls it “going to Boone” and she takes a bunch of stuff she’s made – including the book she wrote about me and my bestie, Yvette – who, by the way, has gone on an extended visit to family in Avery County where she is from. (Boone is in Watauga County, that is where I am from.) Lisa is working on a book about what all is happening with me while Yvette’s away. So, more about that later I guess. Thanks for stopping in and bye for now. ❤ ~ Your friend, Celeste 🙂